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1. Three day money back guarantee from day of delivery to your door. No reason needed and you will not be asked why . . . No need to mention why unless you want to discuss it, which I would encourage by the way. A 10% restocking/loss of sale charge will be deducted from refund. Item must be sent back promptly and the condition unaltered or damaged. Shipping and insurance money will not be refunded. Please be sure to ask any and all questions before having an item placed "ON HOLD" ... It is bad business to place an item on hold and then take the hold off. Slows the sell of the item (makes watchers of the item think that there's something wrong with it when there really isn't) and wastes time.
I am the "Please call me dealer" ... most dealers prefer to do email only correspondence, I welcome your phone calls. As a collector I have encountered dealers that act like they get annoyed when they have to answer the phone to talk about selling a relic. I got this site SO I CAN talk to people about civil wear relics. Some people don't want to break the ice over the phone. I get that. If that's the case just shoot me an email. No reason for any problems here at SelmaArsenal.com.

2. We offer lay away for item (s) over $300.00 . . . 60 days with 1/3 down and balance due before 60 days. More expensive items may be able to be placed on layaway for longer periods of time. No returns or refunds on lay away items or items reduced from original list price. If you like to play lets make a deal great but no refunds after the dealing is done. Your check is welcome here at SelmaArsenal.com. Keep in mind that this is not a business endeavor for me; this is my hobby. I am a one man operation and a lot of the items that you will see listed here are from my personal collection. I have a "real" job and I work seven days on and seven off, so if you contact me and I don't get back with you in five minutes PLEASE be patient. It's not that I don't want to talk, I just have to work to keep the wolves away from the front door. I will respond even on my work week though.

3. The buyer is responsible to ask and pay for insurance or any special shipping needs. Our minimum shipping rate is $10.00 for small :envelope" items and shipping is estimated for larger items muskets, swords, etc. I refuse to make money off of someone on shipping, so if I quote you a shipping price and it comes out to be less, you'll be getting some money back. More often than not I come out on the short end of the stick on shipping. As a side note, shipping over the last year or so has been S-L-O-W and unreliable to say the least. I highly recommend tracking and insurance.

4. All sales are final after the inspection period. If you have a third party "EXPERT" feel free to have him/her call or email me for more information before you place the item on hold. Please refer to Term #1 .... I have found in this field that everyone has an opinion and most of these people have much to say but never want to be mentioned by name. I'll have no part at all in these "man behind the curtain" shenanigans.

5. Your satisfaction is our only goal and we strive to give you the best experience possible. I am easy to contact and eager to answer questions and items can be seen by appointment for personal inspection. I AM FIRST AND FOREMOST A COLLECTOR! I understand that you have to feel comfortable about something that you add to your collection. I do too. The last thing you want is something that you have doubt about every time that you see it. I wouldn't sell anything that I wouldn't display in my collection.

6. Sometimes I will do special terms ... Please feel free to inquire about special needs or changes to terms if needed. These must be agreed upon before any transactions occur. I understand more expensive items may need special arrangements and more time.

7. A receipt can be added in the box with your order if requested and I do not block the write up or pictures on my site. Feel free to print your item listing. Letters of Authenticity on letter head can be purchased and needs to arranged before purchase. These letters with picture of item are $100.00 paid for at time of purchase.

8. UPS/FEDX does not deliver to PO BOXES ..... please use USPS. I am not responsible for items sent to my home.

9. I will gladly consign your item or items. Fees are: $1-$1000, 10%. $1001-$5000, 8%. $5000 and up, 7%. Here is the deal with that: We talk about it. You send pictures. If it looks authentic and we agree on the terms, then you send it to me for inspection. If I deem it as being the real deal then I list it and lock it in the safe and it stays there unless I take it to a show to try to sell it. If it sells, I pay you when the buyers payment clears and the return window expires. Unless I can't hold out and I end up buying it. Then I pay you immediately including your shipping charges incurred when you originally sent it to me. If you decide to end the listing, then I will ship the item back to you insured and with tracking on your dime unless you request via email that insurance not be included. These are very good consignment rates. Check around.

Make checks or money orders payable to:
Richard Davis