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Published Nashville Plow Works Birdshead Confederate Bowie
Item #: NPW-1
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This Nashville Plow Works bowie knife is just an amazing piece of history. When I was younger and used to camp a lot, I had a "camp knife" that went with me everywhere I did. Collectors, myself included, usually like to find knives in pristine condition. But every now and then something like this comes along that is an exception to that. As soon as I saw this knife, I recognized the flattening on the top of the blade because mine was the same way from hitting it with whatever was handy in order to split wood for the camp fire. There are Confederate knives that were obviously sent home or captured as souvenirs pretty early on in the scrape, and it's a good thing because we might not otherwise have them to enjoy. And then there are ones like this that were carried till the bitter end and was one of the soldier's most prized possessions and a valuable tool that was used every day. Just like me and my camp knife, wherever the soldier went, so did this knife. Marching, camping, fighting, manning earthworks, you name it. It is pictured on the cover and on pages 87, 105, 110 and 111 of "The Updated Confederate Bowie Knife Guideā€ by Lee Hadaway. It is identified in that book as a McElroy product but thanks to newer research is pretty much universally accepted as a Sharp & Hamilton made knife. It is the ultra-rare clip point style of which there might be just a few known. The handle is solid cast brass and shows the round blade peening at the end. This truly is a special Confederate knife.