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Confederate Sinclair Hamilton & Co. Imported Enfield Made By R.T. Pritchett
Item #: CSM-1
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This is an English made 1853 pattern Enfield in .577 caliber. It was sold to the Confederate government through the firm of Sinclair, Hamilton & Company. The type 1 "SHC under crown" stamp is located on the comb of the stock, forward of the brass buttplate. It is circled in two of the photos and a printed example is in one of the other photos. It also has the "I.C." within a circle viewer's mark stamped in the stock opposite of the lock. This was the stamp of Issac Curtis, a viewer who was contracted by the Confederate government to inspect the arms before acceptance and shipment to be ran through the union blockade. This stamp is also circled and a printed example is also in one of the photos. The pictures numbered 1 and 2 are of the stamping on the underside of the barrel. The makers name is stamped there as well as on the lock, picture 3, "R.T. Prittchett" along with the maker "Barnett". Barnett was another large gun manufacturer in England and Prittchett purchased the lock from Barnett, presumably to expedite the fulfillment of the contract. Under the barrel is also stamped with the name "Beasley Bros". Beasley Brothers could have been the barrel maker or could have just rifled it. The ramrod is present, along with the long range rear sight. The patina of the metal is darker than the pictures make it look. The stock is in excellent shape. It has a "B" or an "8" carved in the stock opposite the lock by one of the soldiers that had it. This is an earlier blockade ran musket that saw most of the war.
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